Music Video

Amirali - Chromatic Dreams

Dark Matters

For the latest release from London-based house artist Amirali, director David Terranova realizes the romantic childhood fantasy of running away through a retelling of autobiographical events— heightened by imaginary elements.

Having already performed at some of the world’s biggest venues, including Berlin’s infamous house music sanctuary Panorama Bar and London’s Fabric, the London-based artist isn’t content to settle anytime soon. With a live tour and plans to start his own label this summer, there’ll be little time for woodland frolics
- Nowness

Artist: Amirali
Director: David Terranova
Director of Photography: Nicolas Doldinger
Producer: Michael Rushton
Actor: Danny Guzman
Assistant Camera: Alex Hufschmid
Art Director: Chris Miller
Wardrobe and Make Up: Amy Watanabe
Locations: Shane Hobel
Camera Production Assistant: Stefan Christopher
Production Assistant: Maddy Campbell
Production Assistant: Matt Ambrosini
Editor: David Terranova
Visual Effects: Sina Taherkhani
Commissioned by Amirali